Donate to the Drought Fund through WeChat

WeChat, together with AgriSA, has joined the relief effort to help farmers affected by the drought. For the first time, you can donate money through WeChat. Pledge R50 and WeChat will gift you back the full amount, straight into your WeChat Wallet.

Pledge yourself to the Drought Aid cause and get R50 back into your WeChat Wallet.

2. Simply open WeChat, tap on 'Discover' in the bottom, second from the right corner.

3. Click on 'Scan QR Code' and scan the QR Code below.

4. Follow the steps and set up your WeChat Wallet.

5. Donate R50 for the drought fund.

6. Receive R50 back into your WeChat wallet.



The Drought Disaster Fund allows all concerned individuals and institutions or companies to make donations. The funds will then be distributed to needy farmers via the relevant Agri SA-affiliated associations in the specific area.

Omri van Zyl (Agri SA Chief Executive Officer) said it was important that the country rally to the aid of the farmers:

“The present drought is the worst in over two decades and the implications could have dire consequences on the country’s food security. While the immediate impact of the drought will be felt by the producer, the consumer will feel the effects as well through shortages of products and price increases of related commodities. This is why it’s important for us to go the extra mile in support of our farmers.”